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Information on toilet signs

There are a number of different designs for toilet signs or bathroom signs. Everything from very neutral signs in public places, using only the letters WC and marking if it is a men’s or women’s toilet, to the far more personal or humorous toilet door signs found in homes.

There are a number of things to consider when designing a toilet sign. If the sign is for a home bathroom, the aesthetics are important, as the sign must fit with the ambiance and style of the home. Here, ornate letters or slightly more humorous signs are common to make even the classic WC sign more personal.

In public places, it is more important that the toilet sign is clearly designed and fulfils its function – to show people where the toilet is.

Clear WC signs with symbols

When it comes to designing toilet signs for public spaces, it is best to use pictures and the word WC instead of writing TOILET on the sign. This will make it easier for small children and for those who speak another language to find the toilet quickly.

In addition to using pictures and choosing WC signs instead of TOILET signs, you should indicate who the toilets are for. Some of the most common variants are Men and Women, which are often indicated by figures wearing trousers or a skirt. You can also challenge gender norms and have different pictures or divisions.

It is important to be clear which is the disabled toilet, something usually marked with the symbol of a wheelchair. Changing facilities are usually indicated with the symbol of a baby on a changing table. 

Create custom bathroom signs online

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect bathroom sign for your specific needs. Whether it is your bathroom that is unique, or the intended use, you might want to create your own custom toilet sign.

You might also need to create your own if you have a unique idea that is not available anywhere else. Luckily for you, there are plenty of options here to create the toilet sign that you are imagining.

Bathroom etiquette signs

Stop users from flushing all sorts of waste down the toilet by using ‘No Waste in Toilet’ signs. Such signs should be placed in a prominent position and it should advise users of what type of waste is not acceptable to be flushed down the toilet. One may also choose to inform users of the presence of a bin in the toilet cubicle.

Bathroom hygiene signs

Bathroom hygiene signs may help ensure that users leave public bathrooms in a clean state. Such signs need to be strategically placed so that users can spot them easily, such as on the inside of the bathroom door or next to the sink. Large fonts and simple language accompanied by an explanatory picture are recommended.

Bathroom occupied signs

There’s nothing worse than waiting in line – except walking in on someone while they’re in the bathroom. Prevent this disaster by installing ‘Bathroom Occupied’ signs. These signs can be activated by bathroom cubicle locks, turning red to indicate that someone is using the toilet.

‘Keep Bathroom Clean’ signs

It is essential that bathrooms are kept clean at all times, and a few ‘Keep Bathroom Clean’ signs may help users to do just that. Such signs should be placed in prominent positions, such as inside the toilet cubicle, advising users to wipe the toilet seat or remember to flush after using.

Directional bathroom signs

Use directional bathroom signs to indicate the position of the restroom within your establishment. The number of signs you will need depends on the size of the building housing the restroom. Make sure that your toilet signs are clear and simple to understand – sometimes just an arrow and the word Restroom will suffice.

Boy's bathroom signs

Create or find the perfect boys bathroom signs for your school or club. There are even designs available that would be perfect for a home, if you are looking for a way to liven up the bathroom door in your house. 

Whatever reason that you have for getting a bathroom sign, be sure to choose your favourite combination of colour, images, design, text and font to make the sign as unique as your space.

Girls bathroom signs

Find or create the perfect girls bathroom signs for any location. There are many styles and materials to choose from, ranging from simple to colourful and fun. To pick the best one for your needs, you should think about a couple of important things.

One is that it is better to have a clear picture to indicate that the sign is for a girls’ bathroom, and the other is that the style of the sign should match the design of the area in which it is being put it. Find or create yours today.

Funny bathroom signs

Why not introduce some humour to your restroom by going to town with a few funny toilet signs? Such signs are versatile, informative and surprisingly efficient at eliciting the desired behavior from restroom users. Funny bathroom signs may feature limericks, rhyming verses or even outrageously funny pictures.

Restroom Signs

In the past, the concept of the restroom sign was really a simple one. There were two options and two doors to put signs on. Today, the world of restroom signs has become much more varied than you might think.

People are more diverse than yesteryear’s restroom signs gave them credit for, and business owners as well as governments are now taking notice. There are new types of restrooms and each one of them gets its own sign.

There are restrooms which cater for women and men, as it has always been, but there are also gender-neutral restrooms popping up all over the place, as well as transgender ones.

There are also unisex restrooms, family restrooms and even restrooms designed for little kids. The list just keeps getting longer, and we have great signs for every one of them.

If you are looking for a restroom sign, you have certainly come to the right place. We have all kinds of restroom signs, made from many different materials and made for many different types of restroom. You can also design your own sign, if you have an idea that we haven’t thought of yet.

Whatever your needs happen to be, we are sure that we can provide you with a perfect solution to make your restroom door look great.

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