How does Signomatic work on CSR?

For us it is important to integrate CSR work into our business activities, which means a commitment to the world around us and the workforce. We want to run the business in a sustainable way and make a difference. We do this by supporting organisations and associations that we think are contributing to positive social development. This may involve work relating to anything from human rights to encouraging physical activity. Through campaigns, we have been able to arouse commitment, raise important questions and collect money for charitable causes. We also review our own activities and offset our carbon emissions that result from our sign production and transport to our customers.

What is CSR?

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. It’s about companies taking responsibility for their impact on society beyond what the law requires and working for more sustainable development. The impact can be felt in several areas. A typical breakdown is by social, environmental and economic areas.


We have decided that we want to make a difference to society and have chosen to support organisations and associations that work with anything from human rights to encouraging physical activity. Use the hashtag #SignomaticSupports to follow and share our work. Would you also like support from Signomatic? You are very welcome to submit a request to info@signomatic.com.au.


We support:





Our employees

At Signomatic, we want to ensure that each employee is happy and doing well, has a good working environment, and feels safe, and that there is no form of discrimination at work. The workplace should be characterised by freedom with responsibility and a focus on a work environment that emphasises collaboration, community, respect and understanding. Our employees should feel a sense of belonging and participation regardless of sex, age, religion, ethnicity, disability, etc. 

In order to achieve this, emphasis is placed on feedback from employees through performance appraisals and employee surveys. Ongoing skills development is organised through projects, workshops and courses.

What do our customers think?