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Eco Board

Create your own eco board with the text and design of your choice, or choose from our pre-designed examples.

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Popular examples of eco board

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Eco Board

1000 x 700 mm

133.50 AUD incl. GST

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Eco Board

600 x 200 mm

61.90 AUD incl. GST

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Eco Board

250 x 250 mm

47.00 AUD incl. GST

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Eco Board

150 x 150 mm

31.50 AUD incl. GST

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Eco Board

300 x 600 mm

74.70 AUD incl. GST

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Eco Board

120 x 120 mm

26.40 AUD incl. GST

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Information on Eco Board

Eco Board is an eco-friendly and economical product made from quality cardboard with a wood fibre core from the Katz brand. This lightweight yet rigid material is perfect for signs in indoor environments and has a number of uses.

Hanging display signs - eco friendly

Hanging display signs are a convenient way to get your message across, whether in a shop, at a fair or a marketing event. This lightweight, durable and rigid material can easily be hung from a ceiling on wires and attracts attention from a distance.

The material is 2 mm thick and is produced using digital printing on a smooth, matt and laminated surface, which results in bright, stylish and high-quality colours.

Our Eco Board products can be used for designs measuring up to 700 x 1000 mm, and can be ordered with screws or tape or for hanging (on wires from a ceiling).

We also offer Eco Board name badges in various formats that can be ordered with pins or magnets. These are the ideal choice for exhibitions and fairs, conferences, meetings or seminars. Our Eco Board name badges are perfect for anyone wanting attractive name badges for use during a limited period.

Katz Display Board is among the group of eco-friendly paper/cardboard products and can be recycled as combustible waste. The panels are PEFC certified and contain no toxic additives.


  • Hanging displays (POS) - Marketing of new products, campaigns, events, etc. The signs are used to attract attention and often for only a limited period
  • Interior signage
  • Name badges - The ideal name badge for shorter events such as exhibitions and fairs, courses, seminars or conferences

Available fixing methods

Adhesive Tape
Screw with screw cap
Ceiling suspension using wires
Flag attachment

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