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Information on contour-cut signs

Our contour-cut signs are made from 3.2 mm thick plastic and can be ordered in black and white. The material is made from acrylic plastic (PMMA).

On the Design Page you can design cut-out letters and numbers in sizes from 15 mm up to 570 mm (the size can be modified depending on the length of the text). A contour-cut sign comes with an self-adhesive backing and adheres well to walls, doors and other flat surfaces. The tape has a strong adhesiveness and the UV-resistant, stable and scratch-resistant material can be used both indoors and out.

Cut-out letters

Cut-out letters or numbers are perfect for your home, business or store. Contour-cut letters can be mounted on doors or walls, for instance. Cut-out freestanding letters create a stylish and professional look and are often used in entrances, receptions, offices, restaurants or hotels, often as information signs, but they can also be used as decoration in the home. Design your own letters in the font and size of your choice. Indicate where the cafeteria is, the way to the toilets or how to get to the spa with our standalone letters.

Cut-out numbers

Cut-out numbers are an attractive alternative for anyone who prefers standalone numbers to a sign. Contour-cut numbers can be used indoors on a wall or door, but can also be used outdoors as long as the surface is smooth and dry. Contour-cut numbers provide a stylish appearance and can be ordered in various fonts and sizes, depending on what message you want the sign to convey.

Mounting contour-cut signs

Our contour-cut signs come with an self-adhesive backing that needs to be removed before mounting. For your convenience, use the template supplied and attach this to the required surface (door or wall) using the strips provided. The cut-out sections (without protective tape) are then positioned on the template. Then remove the template. Your sign is ready!

Available fixing methods

Adhesive Tape

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