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Information on grave signs

The most common grave signs are those attached to headstones or in memorial gardens and which show the name of the deceased. Use our Design Page to create a completely unique and personal grave sign.

In addition to the signs seen in cemeteries, grave signs are also used on other occasions and in other locations. Their main purpose is to provide relatives with a place to mourn and remember those who are no longer with them.

Grave sign – Not just in cemeteries 

Memorial garden at home

Although cemeteries are a place that many people visit to mourn and gain peace of mind, not everyone is able to get to such places. In some cases, they are far away, while in others relatives may simply not be able to visit the grave.

Creating a memorial garden at home or in the garden can be an excellent option. A nice memorial garden can be decorated with flowers, a grave sign and perhaps other things that belonged to the deceased. The only difference from the cemetery is that the ashes may not be buried in the garden. 

A sign to mark a grave before the headstone

Having a grave to visit is very important for many people. However, it sometimes takes months before the headstone is ready and in place. In those circumstances, a simple grave sign can be erected to mark the grave for relatives. 

Burying small animals

Private burial of large animals is not always recommended. However, you can bury smaller pets, such as rabbits, guinea pigs and rats in your garden. Even these can be given a dignified funeral and a grave sign to mark their burial spot.

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