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Information on number signs

Number signs are used to indicate the number of a house, a letterbox or a parking space. A number sign can look different depending on its location. A door number sign can have a variety of designs. Some people prefer cut-out numbers on the building façade, while others want stylish acrylic door number signs or brass number plaques. A door number sign can look different in various ways and can be designed entirely to meet your tastes. 

Black-and-white and blue-and-white signs are common options on the building exterior or door and blend in well with the environment. Front door number signs often only show house or apartment numbers, but they can also display the name of the person living in the property.

Parking lot number signs or letters can help prevent confusion. With parking number signs you can remind drivers where to go and park the car. Number plates are also often used in warehouses or other locations where shelves or storage locations need to be marked. This makes it easier to quickly find the product or tool being sought.

Number signs – Some examples

Our product range includes a variety of different types of number signs in different materials, colours and shapes. We offer:

  • Number signs for your house, room, warehouse and parking
  • Weather resistant, UV-protected and durable
  • With engraving or digital printing
  • Different typefaces, colours and shapes
  • Different fixing methods
  • Quantity discount
  • Satisfied customer guarantee

Apartment number signs

Mark your apartment door or house with a unique aprtment number sign! Design it according to your needs and wants at our Design Page and make the sign personal.


Number signs are common in warehouses, such as warehouse room number signs, warehouse dock number signs or door signs. A clearly structured and designed warehouse means the right product can be found fast based on order or product number – an absolute necessity for efficient logistics in larger warehouses.

Parking spaces

Marking out parking spaces clearly with a number sign makes it easier for drivers to find the right space. One option is also to include the registration plate number on the parking sign. Another option is to mark the parking spaces with the relevant house number, so that visitors can also see where the appropriate place to park is. 

We offer stable aluminium signs, perfect as parking lot number signs. Our aluminium signs last for up to 10 years outside. With our design tool, you can choose the size you need for your parking sign. The same applies to colour, fixing method, text and any image. Choose reflective aluminium for heightened visibility at night. Secure the sign with, for instance, screws or a pole attachment. Pre-drilled holes facilitate easy mounting. See our example signs for inspiration on parking signs.

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