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Information on garden signs

Garden signs don’t just keep order in the borders; they also add a nice touch to your garden. In addition to flowers and plants, stones, garden figures and signs can create the oasis a garden represents for many people.

In order to achieve the feeling you want, you can create your own personalised garden signs. The text, shape and design are up to you.

What most people associate with garden signs are nice small signs that stick up out of the ground indicating what the plant or flower is called. Of course, garden signs also include other types of signs in the garden. 

Different garden signs

What’s being grown?

A sign with the name of the plant being grown is the most common garden sign. In this case, the sign has the function of indicating what’s going to grow up out of the ground, but also clearly shows the names of the various flowers and plants when they eventually bloom in their full splendour.


Welcome signs are not just to welcome guests to your home. They can just as easily be used to welcome someone for a pleasant, relaxing time in the garden.

To dog owners

In large and public gardens, or in allotments, signs can inform dog owners to clean up after their dogs. In such cases, they can be designed so that they look nice and blend in with the style of the garden.

Words of wisdom

It is relatively common to have signs in the garden with serene and thoughtful messages. A few examples are “This garden will be PERFECT... one day” or “Stress-free zone” which clearly indicate that the garden is meant to be enjoyed.

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