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Information on Prohibition signs

Prohibitions signs can be put up to prevent unauthorised access to a certain area, or unauthorised filming/photography. The signs can also indicate to the public that the water should not be drunk or that dogs are not permitted on the premises.

Prohibition signs should be clearly designed to make reference to the relevant laws and rules, so people can more easily understand, and take on board, the message. Clarity is important, regardless of whether access is prohibited, or smoking is not allowed.

What message do you want to convey with your prohibition sign? Is it that smoking is forbidden or that dogs are not permitted in the area? In addition to the message, it’s a good idea to consider the design, colour and shape for optimum results.

Customised prohibition signs – A few tips

There are many factors that affect the clarity of the message on a prohibition sign. Of course, the text on the sign is key, but in addition to the text, it’s a good idea to think about the colour and shape when designing a sign. 

Concise, clear text

A concise message is often also a clear message. Try to keep the message down to a few words, so the recipient can more easily see the sign and take on board the message. 


Personalised prohibition signs can be created in any colour or shape. For best effect, use a red/black design against a white background or red/black design against a yellow background. These combinations are by far the most common on prohibition signs.


Prohibition signs are strongly associated with a red circle with a red diagonal line passing through it. Within the circle there is usually a picture of the forbidden action. As the link between this shape and prohibition is so strong, it pays to use it. Anyone seeing such a sign understands immediately that something is prohibited – the question is just what.

Both text and image

Combining text and image makes prohibition signs particularly clear and readable. 

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