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Information on Caution signs

Caution signs may be used in various instances where the attention of particular individuals, or a group of people, needs to be drawn towards some hazard. These can be found in workplaces where workers and machine operators need to be notified of various hazards associated with their job. Caution signs indicate with text, and sometimes graphics in bold and large print, what the individual is to be aware of and what necessary precautions need to be taken when approaching a particular area or doing a certain task.

Caution signs can also be found in roads, such as the most commonly found ‘Proceed with Caution’. This is usually found in areas where a hidden exit needs to be notified to drivers as well as passers-by.

This type of signage could be custom-made to your particular requirements. At Signomatic we also have a whole range of readily designed caution signs for you to view, which could be of interest to you and suit your particular needs. Signomatic also offers the use of different materials on which to mount your signs, all of which are durable and easy to clean. Some indoor signs need to withstand dirt and grime, especially if utilized in heavy engineering enterprises. We could cater for this requirement too.

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