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Information on information signs

Do you need to clearly label something, pass on information to the public or mark the route to other departments in the company? If so, information signs are the answer. Information signs are used to convey information – regardless of what, when or how it is to be conveyed. It is important that the signs are designed to be clear and easy to understand.

There are many different information signs used in completely different contexts. They can involve anything from highlighting rubbish disposal procedures to informing customers about shop opening hours or providing information about an event.

Information signs – Example

What is it?

Many information signs highlight what goes where or the contents of specific containers. These create order and make it easier for customers and staff. 

Where is it?

The information on these signs highlight the location of something. It could be the main entrance, toilet or a department within a company. The information on the sign helps people find their way. 

When is it?

A sign with opening hours, the time of a concert or meeting times provides important information for visitors. 

Communicate information

One of the classic information signs are those that indicate the location of additional information. These will be familiar from road signage, for instance, where they are often square with a black “i” on a white background. Sometimes, this “i” is also surrounded by a blue, relatively thick border. For larger events or in other places with information boards, similar information signs can be set up to clearly indicate the location of these boards. 

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