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Information on for sale signs

What do you want to sell? Whatever it is, increase your chances with a clear “For sale” sign to alert everyone that something is for sale. Car, boat, house or perhaps home furnishings – choose what is to be sold. Also choose the design of the sign with different colours, shapes and materials.

At a flea market, it is a good idea to show what is for sale with individual paper signs. But if it is a house, car or something else with a higher value, signs you paint yourself give an amateurish impression. Spend a little time on your sign and increase your chances of a sale.

For sale signs – Things to consider


The most common “For sale sign” is probably that used to sell a house. In this situation, estate agents have ready-made signs that are placed outside the property. But of course, you can supplement this with self-designed signs. This is particularly important if you want to market and show your home yourself and so keep estate agent costs down.

With such signs, it is important to point out any estate agent who may be representing you and viewing times for the property. A recent innovation that has become fashionable is to include a QR code on the sign. This allows passers-by to get out their smartphone, scan the code and immediately get information about the property for sale. 


Placing a “For sale” in the back window of a car is an effective way to show the world that the car is for sale. Make sure to provide information about the vehicle, price and, of course, contact information. This type of sign is similar to a classified ad. The clearer it is, the greater the chance that a customer will get in touch. 

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