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Information on CCTV signs

Video surveillance of a public area is not prohibited. But the law in almost every country in the world requires those who do so to advise the population. The CCTV  signs play an informative, but also a deterrent role. When people know they’re being filmed, they are less inclined to commit a contravention. The purchase of CCTV signs, therefore, constitutes an additional form of protection.

In our contemporary world, CCTV signs have their place everywhere. Museums, restaurants, shops, small shops, supermarkets, businesses, schools, universities, roads, hospitals, parks, and public buildings are just a small selection of the places where these signs are needed, there are many others. It must be said that systematic monitoring is not only about tracking clients or visitors and preventing them from committing wrongdoing. It aims first and foremost to protect them. The CCTV signs are not only suitable for public spaces. Individuals can use them to signal for example the presence of a watchdog.

If despite all the precautions taken, an offense has been committed, the presence of these signs will indicate the person that the authorities can contact to obtain a copy of the videos of the facts. The design of these signs is classic; a white background with red or dark blue texts or symbols. These signs may also have a yellow background. In this case, the symbols and messages will be black.

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