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Information on Pram signs

In recent years it has become very popular to decorate prams with a pram sign. These signs look like a car licence plate but are hung on the pram and include text chosen by the parents. Most commonly, parents choose to show the baby’s name, but of course what you choose to communicate to the world is up to your imagination.

Attaching a pram sign to your pram is about showing the world the baby’s name and giving your pram a more personal touch. In addition to the child’s name, it is common to include a small symbol or picture on the sign.

Personal pram signs

As a lot of pram signs resemble car licence plates, many people choose to write the baby’s date of birth where the licence number would usually be. Other options include incorporating the EU symbol or a national flag. This ensures that the pram sign is as similar to a car licence plate as possible.

Others choose to focus on the child’s interests, with a picture of a ball or a cartoon character, for instance. Why not show how loved your baby is by including a large heart on the sign? You can even write the child’s nickname on the sign, to make it even more personal. However, it is important to be aware that a nickname can change rapidly over time or may be misinterpreted by others.

Create a personalised sign for your pram by choosing the colour, shape, text and figures to suit you. Have the sign reflect your child’s interests, year of birth or personality. 

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