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Information on pet signs

Where can dogs swims? What is the name of the rabbit and how can road users be informed that animals often to be found on the verges at dawn? Creating clear pet signs conveys the right message to the world. Using our Skyltomat, you can design unique pet signs, for instance a personalised sign for your pet or warning signs in strong colours. Select the text, colour and shape, and design a sign to suit your needs.

Pet signs can be used in a variety of contexts. It could be a small name sign on a rabbit hutch or a large informative warning sign. Consider where you want to place your pet sign and what you want it to convey.

Different types of pet signs

Name plates

A common type of pet sign in households with pets is the name plate. A rabbit sign on a rabbit hutch or a dog tag attached to a dog’s collar are examples of these. 


If you want to warn road users that there may be animals near or on the road, you can create a pet sign inspired by the types of warning signs used in traffic. These are often triangular with a yellow background, red border and a black silhouette of the animal in question. This is probably the most effective warning sign for getting road users to pay extra attention to animals.

In some countries, it is more common to have a square yellow sign tilted at 45 degrees. A silhouette of the animal on the sign informs drivers what animal to keep an eye out for.

Animal signs with a warning message are also common on gates to farms where animals are loose. The most common of these are ’beware of the dog’ signs, although there are a number of other variations on this text. 

Prohibition signs

In some cases, animals are not welcome. This could be due to anything from allergies and hygiene rules, to a fear of cats or dogs. Normally, signs are used to show that dogs are not permitted in certain premises, even though this is synonymous with the premises being completely animal-free.  

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