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Information on Notice signs

Notice signs are not necessarily safety related. They could simply be informative signs that tell people, (visitors, clients, staff, workers) what to do in the eventuality of an event happening, e.g., in the event of a fire to not use the lift, and also showing information on which exits to use as well as some other information on basic use of fire alarm or fire extinguishing devices. They could be notice signs displaying information on stacking procedures in warehouses, supermarkets, stores, or other information on the use of certain equipment or machinery in factories. Notice signs could also be generally informative signs that assist people in doing their daily tasks, for example; how to operate the photocopying machine, or how to handle certain chemicals.

Notice signs could most definitely also be safety related, reminding all persons concerned about the importance of adhering to safety processes as well as utilizing safety equipment necessary to properly do the job.

Notice signs create visual reminders, which create impact. It is a known fact, that once a human brain is repeatedly exposed to the same set of rules or information, the task will eventually become second nature. And this is the precise scope and purpose of notice signs.

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