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Information on No trespassing signs

What is the use of ‘No Trespassing’ signs? To understand them, it is probably worth looking at things from another angle. Every year, hundreds of people die from attempts to enter high voltage electrical substations. Tragic accidents can occur when people throw themselves into perilous adventures such as crossing a crumbling bridge, climbing on a steep hill, swimming in very deep or polluted waters, going to the edge of a cliff, falling on a construction site during dangerous work, etc. Some people are also killed after entering a territory where they were not supposed to be. This list is far from being exhaustive. When we talk about ‘No Trespassing’ signs, people only think of the trespass bans. The main purpose of these signs is to prevent people from putting their lives, or the lives of loved ones, unnecessarily at risk.

These are signboards whose thickness and format depend on the needs of the person who wants to buy them. But they all have one thing in common - colour. It’s usually red, but other very vivid colours can also be used. Since they must attract attention and suggest a ban, they are designed to be clearly visible day and night. Individuals and companies wishing to acquire this type of sign are eager to opt for signs manufactured with reflective materials. The use of this material is not mandatory, but it ensures that the people whom one wishes to stop will actually be stopped. There is a tendency, wrongly, to think that ‘No Trespassing’ signs can only be used outdoors, on land or in a field. This is absolutely not the case.

These panels have their place both inside and outside a building. They will be of particular use in restaurants, camp sites, swimming pools, supermarkets, warehouses, laboratories, museums, parks, garages, large companies, farms and even small shops. Individuals can also buy them. They can be useful on private property, whatever its size. These signs definitely have their place everywhere. The ‘No Trespassing’ signs are usually customizable. One can be content with a classic text to prevent potential intruders, or write an additional and more personal message. These signs don’t transmit a "threat". In fact, they are largely prevention oriented signs that aim to draw attention to a possible danger.

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