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Information on No parking signs

When you really want to ensure that no unauthorized vehicles obstruct a particular pathway, driveway or area in a road, a ‘No Parking’ sign will do just the job. It will ensure that no matter what time of day or night it is, the area you want to keep unobstructed at any time will remain so.

‘No Parking’ signs could be used anywhere, as long as they are legal. Installing a ‘No Parking’ sign in a public place, which technically could be accessible any time, would not be legally permissible. However, certain areas permitted by the Road Regulations of a particular country allow ‘No Parking’ signs to be erected in specified locations – be they an entrance to a public place, reserved parking spaces for authorized personnel or to avoid road or vision obstruction. Additionally, some areas and sometimes whole cities are ‘No Parking’ zones. Installing adequate signage, in large fonts and clear and legible text in more than one language will ensure that this prohibition sign is noticed and well observed.

‘No Parking’ signs can also regularly be seen on private residences and garages, to ensure that that private property is kept clear from obstruction caused by unauthorized vehicles on a 24-hour basis.

It is very common to find that some of these parking signs have become illegible over time, due to exposure to natural elements Alternatively, the design and text might not be clear enough and do not grab the attention of motorists. At Signomatic we ensure that this does not happen, as we have the highest standards of production and use the most durable materials for mounting signs, especially if they are to be placed outdoors and are required to withstand sunshine and heavy wind and rain.

‘No Parking’ signs could also be extended to include tow-zone areas, clamping areas and restricted parking zones as well as timed-parking zones.

We have a whole array of pre-designed, standard ‘No Parking’ signs, in different sizes, colours and fonts. Signomatic have the basic P signage with or without arrows indicating the whereabouts of parking prohibition. We can also create custom-made ‘No Parking’ signs suited to your requirements in a bilingual format, using any text or symbols you prefer.

Let us know where you would like to install the ‘No Parking’ sign, and we will create the most effective signage for you that will ensure your property is free from obstruction.

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