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Information on metal signs

If you are looking for weather-resistant, durable metal signs, you’ve come to the right place. Signomatic offers personalized metal signs or high-quality aluminium signs that can be designed to meet your specific needs.

Our metal signs are produced using digital printing and then finished with a UV-protective laminate. 

Stable road signs, reflective street signs, metal shed signs or metal no parking signs? Perhaps you need an attractive metal sign for your company or shop? If you want a reflective aluminium sign that is visible in the dark, we can help. Our metal signs have a multitude of uses and are perfect indoors and out. 

Custom metal signs

With us you can design and order large-format metal signs. We have aluminium signs in sizes up to 2000 x 1200 mm, ideal if you want your message to be seen from a distance. A metal sign may be put up to promote a product or service, but the material is equally suited to letter box signs. In a reflective design, the sign is ideal as a metal road sign for good visibility in the dark. It is also common to put up metal CCTV signs or metal cctv warning signs in areas where businesses have their offices, warehouses or production.

Metal house signs

Metal house signs are popular signs for anyone wanting a sign for a residence, house or cottage for mounting on a wall, door or garage. It may include a street number or street name. The sign can also reveal who lives in the house by showing the family name, such as metal house name signs. Outdoor metal signs are a good option for those looking for a stable, durable sign of high quality. Metal signs for home are also incredibly popular indoors and can include metal door signs, metal bathroom signs, metal name signs, metal man cave signs and metal kitchen signs.  

Metal garage signs

A metal garage sign can vary in appearance, depending on the function of the sign. Some people want to create an old-fashioned feel and decide to decorate their garage with rustic retro metal signs or metal vintage signs, classic metal signs that are increasingly popular and today are found in many homes. A welcoming sign may have a simple text, such as “Welcome to my garage” or simply serve as decoration with motifs of cars or car makes. Others choose to put metal motorcycle signs on the wall. These signs tend to be relatively small. Large metal signs for the garage can also have an informative function, and then are usually mounted on the outside of the garage.

Metal garden signs

Do you want to bring order to your garden? With custom metal signs you can create order among your plants. Label your plants, flowers or herbs with small metal signs marking them with the name of the plant or flower. Create structure by selecting signs of different colours to separate herbs and mark up the name of the herb. Garden signs in metal are suitable for outdoor use, as they are stable and tolerate UV radiation. 

Metal shop signs

Anyone looking for an outdoor sign for a shop or company need look no further than our metal hanging signs. We offer double-sided aluminium signs, which means that the sign looks great from both sides. They are particularly useful for shops, restaurants and pubs, for instance, that want to present a good image to customers. Metal pub signs are often seen hanging from a wall over a door/entrance to a pub or restaurant. A pub or bar often features a conscious décor that creates a certain kind of atmosphere for guests. Some bars are dark, some are bright, others have a certain cosy atmosphere, while others are more modern. Signage is a part of the décor, and can make a difference to any room. You often see metal no smoking signs, metal beer signs, funny metal signs and other details that give the room a certain feeling.

Metal street signs

On our Design Page, you can create personalized metal signs, so that you can get precisely the type of sign you want. It also includes metal street signs. Personalised metal street signs have the advantage that you can choose the material, colour and shape, depending on where you want to put your sign. Will it be a sign for private use or do you intend to put the sign up in your neighbourhood? The Design Page offers a variety of design options so that you can get the sign you want. You can add the colour code you want to the Design Page for exactly the colour you want or need. 

Metal advertising signs

Design personal metal advertising signs and put your unique message on the sign! We offer aluminium signs of up to 2 x 1.2 metres. You can design an advertising sign in metal exactly as you want, with your own text and motif. Do you want your sign to be visible in the dark? Then order a reflective sign. If you want tips and inspiration, visit our example pages where you can choose to adapt one of our example signs.

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