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Information on Danger signs

Danger signs need to be taken very seriously, wherever displayed, as they indicate the potential for severe injury, or even fatality, if the notice is ignored. For this reason, danger signs need to be red in colour, as is the case with most danger and prohibitory signs. Red is the colour most associated with danger, and is also approved by Health and Safety organizations. Requirements for displaying danger signs are usually imposed by the Health and Safety Directorate and similar institutions governing your particular trade.

Danger signs are mostly found in hospitals, in areas where the public is not supposed to enter, or where limited or restricted access is only allowed to authorized persons - for example rooms where radioactivity is going on, or where hazardous chemicals are stored.

These can also be found in factories and engineering areas where high electrical voltage processes are taking place, or where heavy industrial machinery is housed.

Advising your employees, visitors and clients of potential hazards and dangers is very important, as it could potentially save a life or avoid a severe accident or injury.

Danger signs can be as large or small as you require, and could be custom-made to suit your particular needs.

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