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Alligator warning signs

It is very important that ‘Alligator Warning’ signs are installed in areas where alligator infestation is known by authorities. These signs inform the general public and visitors ‒ especially those who are not familiar with the area ‒ that that area is a domicile for alligators. This can avoid serious accidents and fatalities altogether.

‘Alligator Warning’ signs are found in public areas as well as private zoos and animal sanctuaries where alligators are housed. ‘Alligator Warning’ signs should be eye-catching, large and prominently placed, clearly visible and include graphics to safeguard and warn children and other people not capable of reading.

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Examples of Alligator warning signs

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Acrylic sign

297 x 210 mm

103.82 AUD

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Plastic sign engraving

160 x 76 mm

15.87 AUD

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Brass sign

154 x 43 mm

50.90 AUD

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Aluminium sign

400 x 150 mm

72.99 AUD

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