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No cell phone signs

Cell phones have changed our society completely. Nowadays, it seems like they do so many things for us that we cannot last without them even for a minute. However, there are certain places where their use is restricted or prohibited. Hospitals, schools, private property and security areas are some examples. If you need to advise your guests, customers or employees to keep their cell phones on silent or not to use them altogether, why not buy one of our ‘No Cell Phone’ signs?

If you want a sign that is going to get its point across, perhaps for a secure location, go for something like ‘Beware. Cell Phone Use Is Prohibited’, with a large pictogram of a cell phone under a red no entry sign. If you would like to be more polite, perhaps if you run a restaurant, you could ask customers to put their phones on silent or vibrate, so that they do not disturb other patrons. Maybe you would like a more humorous sign? Don’t worry! Here at Signomatic we allow you to customize your sign, so you can make your message as funny as you like.

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